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Collibra Island

One of the most common destinations in exploring Dasol is the Collibra Island. Unfortunately, this is the only place that we explored due to stronger waves than normal. It’s better to go to Collibra before lunch for calmer ocean.

Colibra Island Sand 2

Colibra Island Rocks 2

Colibra Island Sand

The Island is small enough to explore in few minutes.

Colibra Island Rocks

I also did some portrait shots while in Collibra.

Rundolph Abalos 1

Karen and Melvin 1

The island is very much visible while in the shores of Tambobong. Is it worth the trip? Definitely. But be sure to bring food and drinks if you have plans in going here.


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Matabang Beach Resort

In Tambobong, there’s only one existing resort as of the moment. It’s the “Matabang Beach Resort”. So I suggest that you call them few days prior if you have plans in visiting this place. They have 2-3 air-conditioned rooms and a nipa hut.

Matabang Beach Resort

Matabang Beach Resort

Matabang Beach Resort 2

Matabang Beach Resort 3

Matabang Main Nipa Hut

Beach front of Matabang Beach Resort

Tambobong Beach

They also have this “pool” where you can swim.

Matabang Pool

I also did some portrait shots of my friend while having a good time.



Rundolph  Abalos

We paid 2500 for the nipa hut (non-airconditioned). It’s funny that entrance fee was not included so we have to cash out additional for that. For the price and quality, I can say that it’s kinda expensive compare to El Nido’s Hadefe (500 Pesos) and Coron’s Crystal Lodge (1,000 Pesos) which is way way bigger and comfy. But since this is the only resort in Tambobong, we have no choice isn’t it?

Contact Information:
Name: Heyse Pineda (Resort Contact)
Address: Bgy. OsmeƱa, Dasol, Pangasinan 2411
Landline: +63 (2) 425-4980
Mobile: +63 905 2455425 (GLOBE) – Primary Line
Mobile: +63 9289377701 (SMART) – Secondary Line
Road Maps: Please see “Photos” section below.


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Tambobong – Dasol Pangasinan

It’s been 4 years since I wanted to visit Dasol. Infact, my first dslr was a 400d and the reason for getting one was to take pictures of this place way back then.

Through the years, I’ve been researching bout the place but only few information can be found over the internet. Thanks to mcCoy for some tips so finally, I got the chance to visit Dasol last weekends.

Anyway, we left Manila at around 3am. Our path was the NLEX – SCTEX (Luisita exit) route and arrived at Alaminos around 6am. In Alaminos market, we bought our food (liempo, etc…) and other needs.

Road to Mabini – Burgos is flawless…
Road to Dasol

But as you go deeper in the heart of Tambobong (where the white beach is located), the road is kinda challenging. Well maybe I’m wrong… or let’s just say that it’s somewhat subjective. But for this adventure, we almost cancelled the trip

Road to Tambobong 2

The road is ok for SUV’s / AUV’s.. but for a car. It’s hard. Particularly that my friend brought a Mazda3 which is kinda lowered compare to other local cars. Plus, the shocks are soft. With 5 people aboard, we always go out of the car for every bumpy road we encounter.

Road to Tambobong 3

Well, pictures above didn’t give justice on the road that lies ahead. I tried to save the battery of my cam for I forgot my charger . Adventure kicks in when I found out that the charger is not in my bag.

From Alaminos to Tambobong, Dasol. I can say that it’s an hour drive. But due to rough road, it will take 2-3 hours (depends on your vehicle). I don’t have information for commuters but I can say it’s tough for public vehicles are not that accessible within the area.

Tambobong Beach

After few glass of softdrinks and a cup of noodles… I explored the place under the scorching sun. Some of the areas are similar to Ilog Malino’s beach front of Bolinao.

Another Side of Beauty 2

Another Side of Beauty

My first impression was, “this is really a nice place” I whisper. The sand’s are white and very fine. It feels so good walking at the shore. The place is quiet, you barely hear the waves. Very calm…

Tambobong White Beach

Tambobong Beach

I walk farther… the beach is kind similar to an inverted letter “C” in shape. You can explore both ends of the shore approximately 30-45 min walk. However. I haven’t tried to go to the other end coz I know that I will be back and that’s the time I will explore the place fully.

Tambobong Beach Front

The Arrival

Waves and the Sand

There’s no clear view of sunset in Tambobong’s main beach. You have to go to Kabakungan cove for it. With no time going to the cove and I have no filters (I can’t afford it ) on my cam, I just settled for these shots.

Peace of Mind


Good Morning Dasol

Dance with the Waves - B&W

Dasol is really a nice place to visit. I will be back soon…


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