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Horror, Mystery, and Good Life in the Middle of the Sea

When there’s no electricity, there’s not much you can do. Although there’s a cellphone and 3G internet signal, I was saving my Galaxy S2’s precious battery power for emergency purposes and the fact that it’s half empty and it’s only 3pm.

The tide has risen to approximately 4 feet and the winds got stronger. With almost no place to shoot at, I went down the stairs to a concrete platform no bigger than a dining table. Unsatisfied, I took the risk of jumping at the sandbar once again and took some shots.

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The Mangrove Tour

My trip to mangroves was prearranged by the local tourism in Manjuyod. I paid 1 thousand pesos.


Pathway to Sea

The scene was quite interesting at first.


But when I reached the end, I’m not sure if I was disappointed or just too curious that I expected to see angels singing hallelujah between the mangroves.


Well… maybe this is just not my cup of tea. I prefer water and sand than plants perhaps? For 1k pesos… I think it’s not worth it as oppose to some blogs that I’ve read. The scenery around might be enough to compensate though.


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The Sandbar Hut

The Sandbar Hut

If you search the Internet for Manjuyod/Bais huts, it’s rare to find internal photos of it. So for those who’s quite curious, here’s some snap shots…

The one that I got (hut #2) is good for 20 person. It’s quite spacious and neat for it’s purpose. Based on tourism officer, it’s the newest hut among the 4 in sandbar.

Manjuyod Sandbar Hut

Sandbar Hut

Sandbar Hut

Manjuyod Sandbar Hut

There’s a place where you can cook or grill your food.
Manjuyod Sandbar Hut

Here’s the room.
Manjuyod Sandbar Room

The hut is supported by concrete posts. They are sturdy enough in my opinion because you will hardly feel movements of the hut despite of very strong winds.


There’s no electricity nor running water. So if this is not your cup of tea, I won’t advise spending overnight. However, for those who wants to stay, a drum of water for bath will be provided. There’s also a solar power lights that is good enough to light 3 bulbs for 12 hours.

Anyway… I was hungry when I reached the sandbar. Allow me to show you my lunch that day…
Manjuyod Lunch

Not bad, isn’t it? Sweet Mangoes and iced coke in the middle of the sea. What can I ask for? And after a good lunch, I took some more shots.. words and pictures can’t give justice to the beauty of sandbar.

Manjuyod Sandbar Hut




I don’t normally go on swimming whenever I travel to beaches. However, I found my shirt off my body and jumped from the hut. I was like a child that day so to speak . I was so excited to swim.

This is Me...

Life is short.. enjoy…


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