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Treasures of Bolinao

I’ve waited months to be back in Bolinao. This time, equipped with better gears. My plan was to do an extensive photography. Something I haven’t done for a very long time.


Luckily, Treasures of Bolinao Resort sponsored our accommodation. What an early christmas gift! I appreciate their support in helping tourism advocacy.

Treasures of Bolinao Resort 

The first time I set foot to this resort was way back November 2006. I remember, driving 5-6 hours from Manila, the rough road going to Patar was so terrible, and almost no information in the internet. However, it was love at first sight! The moment I checked in, I immediately went to their bridge and enjoyed the magnificent scenery of Patar White Beach for the first time. “This is a place to be…” – I whispered.

Flashback photos from 2006:

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Villa Carolina

Villa Carolina used to be a budget resort. I was surprised the last time I visited this place, their rates is now similar to Punta Riviera and Treasures of Bolinao (which is 10x better). Their rooms is not that good for the price.


They have a newly built building with rooftop. I guess it the only part that I like in Villa Carolina. Should I recommend the place ? hmmm I guess not. Not unless they lower their rates.

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Punta Riviera

Punta Riviera is one of the best resorts in Bolinao. It boasts the best service pound for pound vs its competitor. I explored its beach front during low tide and found some interesting photo subjects.


This wooden bridge needs no introduction. It’s one of the landmarks of Punta Riviera.





Ruined by typhoon…


I can recommend Punta Riviera for the services they offered. The price is ok, fair enough. What I don’t like is their beach front… else, everything is ok and worth visiting.

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