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Ditumabo Falls

Usually, I’m not interested with falls. But there’s this itch that I should come to see Ditumabo Falls on my 2nd visit to Baler. More determined this time, we asked the driver to take us to this famous falls. Also known as, mother falls.

The road to Ditumabo Falls is rough. Approximately 15-20 min ride from the main road.

Our Baler Land Cruiser

When you reached the river, you have to leave your vehicle and walk.

Bamboo Bridge

At this point, we are thinking if we should continue our journey or head back. We need to cross rivers to reached the falls. My pictures didn’t give justice on how strong the river current was.


2nd river crossing…


I told you.. the current was strong… strong enough to almost turn my friend (150-160 lbs guy) upside down.. hahaha!!!


Last river…


After almost an hour of walk, we finally got the chance to see Ditumabo Falls. It’s nice…. I used Ultrawide lens for this shot that makes the falls looks small but it’s not..

Mother Falls

I forgot that I didn’t have a water proofed camera, only a weather sealed one. I only realized that after seeing this picture. Hehehe… my fingers serves as a wiper for my lens during this trip. Be careful with your electronic gadgets, secure them coz it’s like raining mist around the area of the falls.

Mother Falls 2

After a while, we head back. I still managed to take this picture despite of crossing the river…



One last shot before we leave…


I hope you like it guys…


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Ampere Beach – Revisited

I’m not a landscape photographer by heart, but I appreciate it. As a traveler, there are only few places that interests me and Ampere Beach is definitely in my top 10 places to shoot at.

We woke up at exactly 4:00 am, hired a tricycle, and head to Dipaculao (where ampere is located). After 30-45 min, we reached the place and I immediately grab my tripod, compose, and shoot.

The first click that I took on my camera seems to teased me. It’s like saying, welcome my old friend… it’s nice to see you again.

Ampere Beach E

Ampere Beach D

I wasted no time in shooting… the best time to shoot is when there’s no visible sun yet on the horizon.

Ampere Beach C

Ampere Beach B

Ampere Beach A

Ampere’s shore is interesting. Instead of sand, you’ll find rocks.



There’s this magnificent scenery in Ampere Beach. Should I go back ? Definitely… a must visit for photographers like me if you visit Aurora.


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Baler, Aurora – Revisited

We arrived at exactly 4:00 am to Genesis Bus terminal (Cubao) to catch the first trip (4:30 am) to Baler. I suggest that you catch this trip to avail the “sleeper or lazy boy” bus for convenient ride. Travel time from Cubao to Baler is 6-7 hours.


As soon as we arrived at Baler’s town proper, we took a tricycle and headed to our chosen Hotel/Resort. Personally I like Bay’s Inn and Bahia de Baler for their good service and decent rooms. Price is somewhat affordable and their food is good and cheap.

After lunch (we ate Gising Gising – A must try in Baler !!!), we hired a tricycle for 400 pesos to tour us in Digisit and Lukso Lukso area. Yes folks, tricycle is the only mode of transportation around Baler.

2011 Ford Expedition (3 wheel edition)

Some snapshot around Lukso-Lukso/Digisit area…



I didn’t took much of photos on these areas coz I already conquer it well during my last visit. You may view the photos I took here if you back-read my blog.

Digisit Bay

After few hours, we head back to Bay’s Inn and took a sunset shot. Did I say sunset ? Oh well… there’s no literal Sun that Sets in Baler, only sunrise. But it won’t stop me for taking pictures before dinner time.

Bay's Inn Beach C

Bay's Inn Beach B

Bay's Inn Beach A

We call it a day… and I slept early. Next day schedule is to wakeup early and head to Ampere Beach (the reason for my 2nd visit).


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