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Patar White Beach

If have a chance for a vacation getaway, Bolinao is my top destination. Why? Well, it’s somewhat uncommon compare to Batangas or Subic beaches. Plus, Pangasinan has been blessed with eye candy places like Hundred Islands, Dasol, Anda, to name a few. But what really caught my attention is the Bolinao’s pride, “Patar White Beach”.

The Beach

Patar White Beach can be found few kilometers away from Bolinao city proper. Its shoreline is gifted with fine beige to white sand and the color changes to orange when wet. You will find various cheap resorts now around the area. But “Treasures of Bolinao Resort” is the best so far in my opinion.

Patar White Beach

The Waves

Waves here are kinda strong compare to nearby shorelines of Bolinao. It’s ok to swim but please take extra cautions.

Rock Formation & Sunset

Bolinao is also famous for it’s magnificent Rock Formations. Best ones can be located in Patar. A truly eye candy for photographers like me. Maybe, it’s one of the reasons why I keep on coming back.

Bolinao Sunset 2010

And oh, sunset… one of the best locations in the Philippines to capture how a day ends.

2009 Sunset

Seaside Bolinao

2010 Sunset

Bolinao Sunset 2010

Your travel to Bolinao will never be complete if you will not visit Patar White Beach. The best around the Philippines I could say.


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