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Suhot Cold Springs

One good thing about being a wedding photographer (like me) is that I have the chance to visit various places for free. We had our recent engagement session shoot at Capiz and our client booked us in Suhot Cold Springs.

Pride of Dumalag, Capiz. This place is very famous among locals and tourist nearby. People go here during summer and enjoy the natural clean cold water of spring.

Suhot Cold Springs

Suhot Cold Springs

Suhot Cold Springs

Around the resort

Suhot Cold Springs

Suhot Cold Springs

This is the main house, they have air-conditioned room on the second floor. I think the rate is 1200 per night good for 2 person.

Suhot Cold Springs

One of the attraction of Suhot Cold Spring is the cave.

Suhot Cold Springs

Suhot Cold Springs

Suhot Cold Springs

When in Capiz particularyly in Dumalag, Suhot Cold Spring resort is a must to visit. We’ve spent 2 nights here and I can say that it’s safe and the ambiance is very relaxing. What I think that the resort needs to improve is to have a decent restaurant. They don’t offer food by menu but you can ask them to cook for you.

How to go there:

If from Iloilo, you need to take a bus going to Roxas and ask the driver to drop you in Suhot Resort. From the main road, it’s a 5-10 min walk.

If from Roxas, take a bus going to Iloilo and ask the driver to drop you in Suhot Resort.

I have more pictures on my hardisk and I’ll try to post it here if I have the time.

My grade: Recommended

If you find this helpful, thanks

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What to Explore in Ilocos Norte?

What makes Ilocos Norte (or the whole part of Ilocandia) so popular is because it’s a destination with complete package. There are sceneries to enjoy, festivals to experience, native food to try, and historical sites and churches to visit. People from the south don’t mind the 10-12 hours drive from Manila because everything in you see in Ilocos are worth it. So aside from the famous beach and falls, what are the other places to explore in Ilocos Norte?

Bangui Windmills – Just simply being there while having a closer view and hearing the sound of the giant “electric fan” is magnificent. I’ve been here couple of times but each visit seems to excite me. A nice place to visit.

Bangui Windmill

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Casa Consuelo – A Discovery

After 2 nights at Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort, we decided to try resorts somewhere near Blue Lagoon. My agenda is to take a sunset/sunrise shot of the lagoon. However, as we’re looking for a place to stay, the initial resort we have in mind “Kapuluan Vista” is fully booked that time. So we have no choice but to look for another one.

Fortunately, there was this “nice” place (at least on my first impression) that caught my attention. At first, we’re hesitant to inquire. And when we did, the air-conditioned room are fully booked and only one fan room was available.

With intense heat that day, I originally prefer a cooler room as much as possible but since we don’t have much of a choice, we decided to take a look at the available room.

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