What to Explore in Ilocos Norte?

06 Jan

What makes Ilocos Norte (or the whole part of Ilocandia) so popular is because it’s a destination with complete package. There are sceneries to enjoy, festivals to experience, native food to try, and historical sites and churches to visit. People from the south don’t mind the 10-12 hours drive from Manila because everything in you see in Ilocos are worth it. So aside from the famous beach and falls, what are the other places to explore in Ilocos Norte?

Bangui Windmills – Just simply being there while having a closer view and hearing the sound of the giant “electric fan” is magnificent. I’ve been here couple of times but each visit seems to excite me. A nice place to visit.

Bangui Windmill

Bangui Windmill

Bangui Windmill

Sometimes I wonder, Philippines is an archipelago, why is that we can only find windmills in Bangui? hmmm…

Kapurpuruwan Rock Formation – there’s nothing beats a natural scenery. And this rock formation is truly amazing. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Kapurpuruwan White Rock Formation

Kapurpuruwan White Rock Formation

Bojeador Lighthouse – established since 1892 is definitely a good reason to spend time and visit the structure. The good thing is, it’s still functioning as the time of writing.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

The view from here is magnificent. A must visit while in Ilocos.

Paoay Church – As a wedding photographer, I feel lucky enough to visit different churches all over the country. However, if there’s one church that I would like my wedding to be held, it’s in Paoay Church. Built in 1710 makes it extra special. By the way, In 1993, the church was proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one best examples of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines.

Paoay Church 2

Paoay Church

There’s a lot of places I missed due to limited time I had during my visit but I hope you visit these places when in Ilocos.

This places are highly recommended!!!


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2 responses to “What to Explore in Ilocos Norte?

  1. The Harebeat

    January 6, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    how did I even miss this?! 😦
    well, surely next time in the Philippines, I will visit these places. Thanks.

    • glennmendoza

      January 6, 2013 at 9:50 pm

      count me in sir, I missed lots of places as well.


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