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Casa Consuelo – A Discovery

After 2 nights at Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort, we decided to try resorts somewhere near Blue Lagoon. My agenda is to take a sunset/sunrise shot of the lagoon. However, as we’re looking for a place to stay, the initial resort we have in mind “Kapuluan Vista” is fully booked that time. So we have no choice but to look for another one.

Fortunately, there was this “nice” place (at least on my first impression) that caught my attention. At first, we’re hesitant to inquire. And when we did, the air-conditioned room are fully booked and only one fan room was available.

With intense heat that day, I originally prefer a cooler room as much as possible but since we don’t have much of a choice, we decided to take a look at the available room.

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The Pottery Factory and The Pot Maker

Been making pots since 1961. Can you imagine that? Was it by fate or was it by choice? I failed to ask. But one thing for sure, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication in order to do something for decades.

Everything will start with a certain amount of mud. What I notice was, they mushed the mud so hard before putting it to the “spinning table”. Then a certain amount of pressure will be applied to dig a hole at the center of the mud.

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