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Stunning Vistas Beach Resort

If you haven’t been to El Nido before and now looking for accommodations, let me help you plan your stay. The most common you will find on the internet are the ones located in the main town. To name a few, Periking Beach Guesthouse, Marina Garden Resort, Entalula Beach Guesthouse, etc…  beach front here is nice and you can swim. But if you want privacy and quiet ambience, go to Caalan area. It’s my favorite place in El Nido. However, please be guided that it’s 5-10 minute walk from the main street and the beach front is not possible for swimming. There you will find Hadefe and Taiyo to name a few. On these places I’ve mentioned, sorry to say that there’s no perfect view of the sunset if you’re after it.


There are various nice resorts in Corong-Corong. This time, we tried Stunning Vistas Beach Resort. My first impression was, the crew and staff were nice, friendly, and accommodating. Of course, the first thing we did is to check their room.

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