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Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

Puerto Princesa city is one of the most visited cities in the Philippines. Thanks to its vast tourist destinations like Honda Bay, Crocodile Farm, Iwahig/Tagbanwa Tribe, etc.. This city became “the gateway” for those who wish to visit the infamous Underground River in Sabang and El Nido. Thus, room accommodations has been one of the most sought after needs in Puerto Princesa.

After few days in El Nido and funds running low. I need to carefully plan my return to Manila with spending a night in the city. I had an early morning flight so accommodation should be near the airport. Fortunately, I discovered Mercedes Bed and Breakfast on the internet. What a gift it was! I immediately called the owner and reserved a room the following day.

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Coron Palawan

It’s been months of planning and wanting to visit Coron. I’ve been hearing good things about the place so my wants and needs intensifies as I do my research online. Coron is considered as one of photographer’s haven and a premiere tourist destination. It is known for beautiful islands, lakes, and sceneries. It’s a shame if we Filipinos will not explore our own tourist destination right?

So how do we get to Coron?

The easiest way is to avail the direct flight from Manila to Busuanga (Coron). I’m not familiar via boat from Manila but if you’re in El Nido, there’s a ferry that can transfer you to Coron and vice versa.

Once in Busuanga (Francisco Reyes Airport), there’s a lot of vans waiting to transfer you to Coron town proper. In town, there’s a lot of place to stay which offers different amenities and packages suited for different kinds people and budget. Most of them is usually near from each other. You just need to walk, not even ride a tricycle. However, I suggest that you research or browse the internet first few days before heading to Coron for places to stay or visit. There’s a lot of blogs out there regarding Coron. Else, you will also find few travel and tours shop along the town’s national highway. Coron Town is so small that you can explore the place by foot in few minutes. There are restaurants, banks, a market, souvenir shop, etc… pretty much everything you need.

Krystal Lodge

Krystal Lodge

At first, I’m kinda hesitant to go here judging the entrance itself. But I trust my research and I’m confident that I did it right. My friends stayed here when they set foot to Coron, and I trust their good judgement. Anyway, I’ve been travelling a lot for years now and used to a “eye candy” accommodation. I thought that it’s not nice to passed thru the houses of local Coron villagers just to reach your lodge and I was wrong. First impression is sometimes not accurate.

Krystal Lodge

Krystal Lodge

All rooms except for one were all occupied by foreigners. And most of the time, her customers are foreigners who really appreciates the place better than Filipinos do. When she showed me the room/cottage, it was love at first sight. There’s no TV nor aircondition but it’s really cool in the area. Fresh sea breeze is what you paid for here. Rooms are fresh and clean. Ambience is nice. Rate is so cheap. Water supply is good 24 hrs. The owner is one of the nicest person I’ve met in my whole life. A very soft spoken lady.

Krystal Lodge

Krystal Lodge

Krystal Lodge

The only downside I saw in Krystal Lodge is they don’t offer food, they don’t have a canteen. So you need to go out everytime you want to eat. But don’t worry, there’s a lot of restaurants within 3-5 minute walk.

– Amphibiko (Arrggg I forgot the exact name) – Japanese food
– Bistro – European/Italian food
– Nonoy’s – Filipino food
– others….

As a photographer, one of my the best photos was shot during our stay in Krystal Lodge. I didn’t expect to have a good sunset view but to my surprise, God gave me a chance to appreciate sunset in Coron. Sometimes, one or two photographs is enough to make your travel worthy.

Coron Sunset

Coron Sunset

Krystal Lodge at Night

Krystal Lodge

Will I be back ? Definitely… as this time of writing, I’ve been browsing Cebu Pacific’s flight and my schedule. Hehehe…

Will I recommend this place to stay in Coron? – Well, it’s a matter of preference. If you like city comforts like aircondition, tv, hot and cold shower then this place is not for you. In my case, I love close to nature experience when I travel and Krystal Lodge answered my needs. Sea breeze, above water accomodation is kinda rare. I enjoyed my stay here and the owner is really nice. Oh, by the way, they have free wifi.

Tips: Find the cheapest place you can find in Coron because the main dish here is Island Hopping. Going to islands will eat almost your entire day so staying in expensive lodge/hotel/ or resort is kinda not practical unless you can afford it.

Krystal Lodge
Mobile: 09282252090 / 09284108074
Telefax: 02-4536343


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Taiyo Resort

As I mentioned in my previous post, most of the resorts you will find in El Nido is located in the town itself. But for those who haven’t been to El Nido, let me enlightened you a lil bit as your research progresses. You can also find resorts in Caalan and Corong Corong. To go to Corong Corong, it’s few min tricycle ride away from the main town. I visited few resorts in Corong Corong, each offers nice rates and views. However, we prefer more Hadefe for some reasons. To go to Caalan, you need to walk (10-15 min) coz it’s not accessible via tricycle.

One of the resorts we’ve visited in Caalan was the Taiyo Resort. A Japanese themed resort (owned by a Japanese… it’s obviouse I guess. hehe). It’s a jewel! A very nice place. We had the chance to talk to the owner and tour us within the place.

Taiyo Village

Their cottages are nice… decently built, and spacious

Taiyo Village Cottage

Main Rooms

Taiyo Village Main Cottage

They even have their own Japanese restaurant.

Taiyo Village Japanese Restaurant

Sea Front – Though the sea front of Taiyo may not be the typical “El Nido” beach you’ll find on the internet but for photographers like me, it offers a lot of good and interesting subjects.

Taiyo Village Beach Front

Rate is decent. It’s 1500 for a fan room per night. The reason why we haven’t stay here was because we already book in Hadefe for 4 days.

What can I say? Recommended!!!

I lost their calling card but I tried to research for their website. Not sure if it’s updated though.

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