Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

11 Sep

Puerto Princesa city is one of the most visited cities in the Philippines. Thanks to its vast tourist destinations like Honda Bay, Crocodile Farm, Iwahig/Tagbanwa Tribe, etc.. This city became “the gateway” for those who wish to visit the infamous Underground River in Sabang and El Nido. Thus, room accommodations has been one of the most sought after needs in Puerto Princesa.

After few days in El Nido and funds running low. I need to carefully plan my return to Manila with spending a night in the city. I had an early morning flight so accommodation should be near the airport. Fortunately, I discovered Mercedes Bed and Breakfast on the internet. What a gift it was! I immediately called the owner and reserved a room the following day.

Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

My first impression about the the place was it is clean and peaceful despite it is located near the airport (of course you’ll here a plane every now and then) and major roads.

Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

The room is neat with flat screen satellite tv, air-condition unit, and hot/cold shower.

Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

They have a dining area but I didn’t had the chance to try what’s on their menu because I had plans on where to eat that night. However, when we arrived and I asked where to eat the infamous Chao Long, the owner asked one of his helpers to buy food for us. Very nice indeed.


I mentioned that it’s near the airport. Let me show you…

Mercedes Bed and Breakfast is located in Abrea Street (corner Rizal Boulevard). On the left (fence) is the Puerto Princesa airport.
Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

There are also other lodging/guesthouse near the area but Mercedes is the nearest.
Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

When you go out of and look at your left, you’ll see the fence (airport).
Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

Mercedes Bed and Breakfast


I’ve been to Puerto Princesa couple of times and tried different accommodations. What separates man from the boys is the price, amenities, and accessibility to food and airport. Mercedes Bed and Breakfast may not be the cheapest but I can say that it’s affordable. I paid discounted price of 1200 php for a night on their standard room worth 1,500 php. It’s near the airport! Did I say it’s near the airport? Very near!!!

I love this place. I’ll be back again for sure.


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One response to “Mercedes Bed and Breakfast

  1. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    September 16, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    sayang medyo mahal for me, babalik ako to pps and el nido sa march, looking for a cheap place to bed down sa pps. gusto rin nila mag underground river eh hehe


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