Nine West Ville

02 May

Nine West Ville Transient House, An Accidental Discovery within the Heart of Pantabangan…

After the prenuptial shoot I did for one of my clients, I decided to go to Nueva Ecija and explore my hometown. My original plan is to go to Baler just in case I can’t find any interesting place to shoot at. Since it was late, I stayed in Crystal Waves resort in Talavera. I didn’t take pictures for I was so tired with the shoot. But for those interested, Crystal Wave is the newest resort in town. I paid 1,500 pesos for an overnight stay. You can visit their facebook page for information:

Anyway, as soon as I opened my eyes the next morning. I immediately took a bath and hit the road to Pantabangan.

Road to Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija

From Talavera to Pantabangan, it took 30-45 mins. This is also the normal route in going to Baler, Aurora. I haven’t take lunch and good thing there is a newly opened restaurant. They serve common Filipino dishes. The price is ok. The food is ok too. There’s nothing much of a choice in finding restaurant in Pantabangan (sad to say).

Michivan Grill

After a good lunch, it’s now time to hunt for a place to stay. I’ve done lots of research in the Internet in the past, but there’s nothing much I can find. I saw Best View Hotel before and tried to visit the place last Holy Week, only to find out that the resort is turned over to a different owner and currently closed for unknown reasons.

Sometimes, you have to trust your instincts when traveling. Determined to promote my home province, I should find a place to stay… I must!!! So I hit the road to nothingness…

Road to Nine West Ville

After few minutes, I was surprised to see a dead end gate with a “Nine West Ville” signage. There’s a guard house and he asked me where am I heading, I said “I’m looking for a place to stay because I will attend the Pandawan Festival the next day”. The guard shook his head and told me to go to “Best View Hotel”. I replied by letting him know that I went there last time but the resort was no longer operating. He then told me that “Nine West Ville” have rooms for rent but it’s now fully occupied. I insist that I just want to see the place. He told me to contact a certain person named “Catherine”. I did… and Catherine ordered the guard to let me pass… relief!

Then another road to nothingness… at this point, I’m asking myself.. “what the hell am I doing in my life?” I’ve been going to places less known to people or most people won’t even bother visit. I haven’t got anything in return, really. But the passion of shooting grows whenever I take pictures of something or some place I’ve never been before…

Nine West Ville Rough Road

To my surprise…

Nine West Ville

Nine West Ville Scenery

The view of the lake is astonishing… different from the usual beach I’ve been blogging for years now.

Nine West Ville Mountain and Lake

The place/room where I slept is nice…

Nine West Ville Veranda

Nine West Ville Room

I paid 1,300 pesos for a room good for two. No cable TV though but they have hot and cold shower. They don’t serve food but they will let you use their kitchen to cook food.

I explored the place as soon as the sun sets low…

Nine West Ville Scenery

Nine West Ville Scenery

Nine West Ville

Nine West Ville is really a nice place to stay in the heart of Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija. It’s right beside the lake. The place is so relaxing. I stayed there for 2 days but I will be back for sure.

Special Note:
– No Sun Cellular signal (Only Globe and Smart)
– You can’t buy anything in West Ville, so you have to bring food and drinks
– There are 4 known hotel resorts in Pantabangan (Reyes Lake View Resort, Dela Merced, Nine West Ville and the nameless resort between Dela Merced and Nine West Ville).
– Going to Nine West Ville is primarily via private vehicle. I’m not sure if public transportation is possible.

Tourism in my home province is poor, we don’t have beaches to boast nor plenty of high end resorts. But what I discovered and realized, we have virgin Lake and Pandawan Festival. A different experience to relax and unwind.

Please visit Nueva Ecija now!!!

Nine West Ville – Catherine Escalona 09052660703

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