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Twin Lagoon – Coron

They say that the best things in life are free. Twin Lagoon is no exception. You will experience a different kind of sanctuary where water changes from blue to green to cyan in few meter distance. This place is surrounded by mountains and rocks that makes it interesting. Another eye-candy for the camera as you go deeper in the heart of the lagoon.

Twin Lagoon 2

Twin Lagoon 1

Twin Lagoon is divided by rocks into two sections. If you’re in one part, the other side is accessible by a wooden stair if its high tide. Or you can swim through an opening if its low tide.

Twin Lagoon 3

Twin Lagoon stair

Other Side…

Twin Lagoon 4

Twin Lagoon 5

I’m not into lagoons until I experienced Coron’s jewel. It’s worth your time.

What can I say? Highly Recommended!!!


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Banol Beach – Coron

Another part of the tour in Coron is the Banol Beach. A small white beach island with cottages for rent (small fee) where you can have your lunch. You can also spend some time in the area to swim and relax. The island is clean because the owner lives here.

Banol Beach

Banol Beach

Banol Beach 2

Another nice destination to relax and enjoy the nature.

What can I say? Recommended!!!


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Kayangan Lake – Coron

One of the highlights of Coron island hopping is to visit Kayangan Lake. A unique lake surrounded by mountains. Water is clear emerald green. Thus, very pleasing to the eye. Going here, you must be physically fit and I mean it. If you have heart problems or any other serious medical conditions, sorry guys… but this trip is not for you. The reason is that, you have to go up the mountain by steep rock stairs and descend to see the lake. Going home, then you need to do it vice versa.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Path to Kayangan Lake 1

It may look easy but my photos didn’t give justice to the actual stairs.

Path to Kayangan Lake 3

If you make it, then Kayangan will give you a reward… Photos below are the most common pictures of the lake you’ll find over the internet.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake 4

As a photographer and for the fact that I made a blog to help those who would like to travel, I feel responsible for providing glimpse of Kayangan in somewhat uncommon way. So what I did was ride a Balsa (bamboo float) to access the heart of Kayangan and take pictures.

Kayangan Lake 6

Kayangan Lake 5

Kayangan Lake 4

Kayangan Lake 3

Kayangan Lake 2

View on top of the hill…

Kayangan Lake View

Kayangan Lake is one of the best places I’ve been. It’s rare. It’s something you won’t forget for the rest of you life. The experience is something I keep on sharing to my friends.

What can I say? Highly Recommended!!!

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