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Snake Island – El Nido

Snake Island is another famous destination in El Nido. Well, simply because it’s infested with different kinds of venomous snake. So going here, you need anti-venom and a doctor. Hehehe. When we visited the place, I was bitten by a huge male Philippines Cobra!!! I almost died… but it didn’t stop me from exploring this unique place.

Snake Island - Tail

Snake Island - Head

Snake Island side 2

There’s a hill in the island where you can climb so you can have a top view of the area

Snake Island View from Above

It’s about to rain on the south east side

Snake Island - South East View

Good weather on the north side

Snake Island - North View

One last shot before we leave… notice how the weather contrasts each other. A good sky on the left and gloomy on the right.

2 Face...

Snake island is a unique experience. I enjoyed walking on the narrow island. Enjoyed the view on top of the hill. And oh, the snakes? Just kidding guys… no snakes in the island. At least visible one… haha.

Highly Recommended!!!

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Helicopter Island – El Nido

Helicopter island is one of the famous destinations here in El Nido. Another eye candy for photographers. The shore is clean, very fine sand, and swimming is possible. And by the way, its called Helicopter Island coz it shaped like a Helicopter. Nuff said. Hehehe…

Boat VS Helicopter

Helicopter Island Rocks

Helicopter Island Beach 2

Helicopter Island 1

Our Boat in Helicopter Island

The helicopter is almost identical or similar to 7 Commando Island. It’s weird coz they are far away from each other. However, I find Helicopter more interesting in terms of photography. Wish I could wait until sunset here and do some slow shutter shots.. wishful thinking…

Highly Recommended

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7 Commando – El Nido

El Nido is known for island beaches and views. And 7 Commando never fail to show it. It may not be the best beach in the Philippines, but it can hold its own. A typical crystal clear water, white sand island, though I’m not sure why it’s orange in my pictures. Hahaha. Fresh Buko is available within the island. A good way to refresh yourself from scorching sun while enjoying the views.

Our Boat at Seven Commandos

Seven Commandos Beaten by UWA

Seven Commandos Beaten by UWA 2

This is a good site to take pictures as your El Nido’s souvenir. Eye Candy for cameras.

Highly Recommended!!!

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