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Matinloc Shrine – El Nido

Matinloc shrine is definitely one of the best places I’ve visited in my entire life. The island is simply amazing. It will never fail to please you. An eye-candy for a photographer like me.

Matinloc Shrine - Our boat

The Shrine

Matinloc Shrine

The View – there’s a stair going up to the rocky hill at the side of the shrine. I was surprised of what I saw.

Matinloc Shrine - Top View

Matinloc Shrine - Top View

There’s a small dock on the island.

Matinloc Shrine Port

Matinloc Shrine Port - Side

Enjoying the view

Hell Yeah!!! Having a great time!

What can I say? Matinloc shrine should be included in your priority list when you visit El Nido. Highly Recommended!!!


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Hidden Beach in El Nido

My first taste of El Nido’s best was the Hidden Beach. It’s a small beach hidden behind large pile of rocks that acts like a gate. White sand, crystal clear water, and an interesting place to visit. The view as we enter the “gate” silenced us.

Secret Beach

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Island Hopping in El Nido

Adventure begins….

Adventure Begins...

One of the activities in El Nido is the Island Hopping. This will give you the chance to experience the “Philippines Last Frontier”. El Nido boasts numerous white sand islands, magnificent lagoons and caves, hidden beach, protected coral reefs, and simply countless amazing views. The tour is composed of 4 parts, A, B, C, and D. Each will consume a whole day of your time. You can also combine A or B for example, but there will be some areas that can’t be visited due to lack of time.

Here are the most common itinerary tour. Other set may differ depends on the boatman or deal. Usually, lunch is free or included in the package. Price usually cost 600-800 or more (depends on bangkeros). We got ours for only 4k (private tour composed of 3 persons) for set A B C.

Tour A

– Small lagoon
– Big lagoon
– Simizu island
– Payong payong
– 7 Commando island

Tour B

– Pangalusian island
– Snake Island
– Codugnon Cave
– Cathedral Cave
– Pinagbuyutan Island

Tour C

– Secret Beach
– Hidden Beach
– Star Beach
– Matinloc Shrine

Tour D

4-5 White Beaches

What can I say? try to visit all of the tour packages. You can never go wrong with any island. If you ask me for just one tour, it’s hard to choose really. They are all worth visiting. As a photographer, I can’t imagine myself not visiting Big Lagoon (Tour A), Snake Island (Tour B), and Matinloc Shrine (Tour C). Those are my top 3… it’s so happened that each belongs to different package.

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